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Built 80 years ago, Kyomachiya was renovated in the quiet part of Kyoto on June 2017. It is gently made and the smell of Japaneseness is Kyomachiya`s charm. The balcony is arranged elegantly for you to see the inner garden. It has a bath that is perfectly made. Also, it is located near famous tourist attractions. You can enjoy your trip to Kyoto in a calm place like Kyomachiya Stay.

You could feel the color of the season and the tradition with the rooms and the balcony that faces the garden. In the room, you would feel the ancient capital Kyoto with Japanese decorations. The room can be used from small to big groups of people.

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Kyomachiya was renovated but the quality that it had since 80 years ago was left as it is. Once you enter the entrance, you could see the wide public space. We offer free drinks, free wifi, television, washing and drying machine, etc. Each rooms have keys and we use Secom Security System in the public space so you would feel ease when staying.

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Kinkakuji Temple
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Kyo no Yado “Rakusuian” is located near Kyoto Station. It has an easy access to historic sites such as Rokuon Ji, Ryoan Ji, Kita No Tenmangu, Saga Tenryuu Ji, Nijoujou, Tou Ji, Nishi Hongan Ji, Higa Shihongan Ji. In recent years, we also recommend the new opened tourist spot, Umekouji Park.

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Gusethouse Rakusuian
82, Nishishichijo Nishihattandacho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
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【 Receptionist : Mori 】Reception time : 11:00 ~ 14:00
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